What is a Room Spray?

What is a Room Spray?

We've all been there, days of not opening a window and binging out on our favourite snacks while we grind our way through the newest game to grace our screen only to realise that the room we've been holed up in is starting to smell less than pleasant. You may be tempted to reach for can of generic air freshener, but there is a better way!

Room sprays are the perfect way to target unpleasant smells and get your space smelling great again. They are like subdued colognes or perfumes for rooms and linens. You can even use them to cover bad odors.

Unlike candles which require constant supervision, or wax melts that need changing out and replacement tealights all the time, room sprays give you instant fragrance without any of the fuss. The fine mist suspends tiny particles of fragrance in the air allowing you to enjoy a great smelling room for hours.

Where can I use them?

You can use room sprays anywhere, they're great for bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, gaming rooms, living rooms, even your car - anywhere you want to smell great you can use a room spray. If you want to freshen up furniture we recommend spraying the backs of cushions.

Why would I want to use them?

Because they make rooms smells nice, and no one likes the smell of 5 day old gamer sweat.

How do I use them?

Give the bottle a little shake to make sure everything is mixed well and then spritz. We recommend 2-3 pumps at a time to get a good all round fragrance, but if you want something stronger just add a few more sprays. Make sure to spray them away from you, preferably towards the middle of the room.

Can I use them on fabrics?

Yes! But we recommend testing them in an inconspicuous area first to check that they're not going to stain. Hold the bottle 10-12 inches (30cm) from the fabric you want to spray to make sure you don't end up with a large wet spot. One spritz should be enough.

What shouldn't I spray them on?

Please do not spray them on yourself or your pets - they're not designed for that. We also recommend avoiding excessive spraying over polished surfaces, especially floors - you don't want to have a room spray slip and slide.

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