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Loving it

Arrived really quickly, well packaged and a nice quality bottle. Always an unexpected factor when buying something scented online you haven't smelt before. Nice and floral, maybe a bit more baby powder scent than expected. Definitely going to try the other scents soon

Gamer Girl Spray

This is sooooooo good, a fantastic light fragrance. I spray it everywhere - it lasts really well luckily! I must try another fragrance too.

Stunning Scent

This melt’s scent is genuinely beautiful (potentially my favourite out of the entire collection!) it’s not a peachy peach smell (I was expecting a haribo peach fizz sort of peach) personally I’d call it more grapefruit mixed with peach smell but it’s amazing none the less and would recommend getting it! Makes my whole house smell beautifully. Not one to be passed up on.

Mouth watering scent

Genuinely takes me instantly back to apple picking in my family’s orchard at harvest time as a kid. It’s real apple smell not the fake sweet flavour type of smell you can sometimes get. Fresh and fruity with (for me atleast) a hint of nostalgia.

The apple fragrance is one of our favourites too, so happy to hear you like it :)

Strong smelling!

Excellent last longing fragrance. I'd say only thing that may look into is a more musk fragrance or more neutral scents for all genders too. Otherwise perfect for gifts, your own home and great scents

Hi Alex, thanks so much for the feedback. We do have some more scents on the way, including some muskier ones. Make sure to follow our socials to keep up to date with that :)

Hanamura Wax Melts - Cherry Blossom and Plum
Amie at Scent Solstice

I tend to enjoy rich and dark home fragrances but my daughter really, really wanted me to get something lighter and more fruity for summer. I have no idea how I will ever live without Hanamura—and hope I never have to!

Let's Game Snap Bar Set
Really Amazing

If you haven't tried these snap bars you are seriously missing out! Different ones for different moods. Gamer Girl Bathwater a must at bedtime - bliss.

Let's Game Snap Bar Set
Jessica Messenger
Amazing packaging, scents & service!

I loved receiving this package, I purchased as a gift for my sister. The packaging was so lovely to open, so much thought has gone into it. The cold throw on the scents was amazing, I am looking forward to her opening them. Service was so rapid, received my order within days. Thank you!

Beautiful scent!

This is my favourite scent, the whole house smells amazing! It is really energising. Beautiful snap bars, I will definitely be purchasing more!

Hanamura Wax Melts - Cherry Blossom and Plum
Beautiful Scent + vivid colours

This snap bar is fast becoming one of my favourites when I need a scent that will fill the whole room but not be overpowering. The fact thats themed on video games makes it even more perfect for my household